Doing Customer Development (and stop wasting your time) at xSpain 2015

Last year September I had the honour to give a talk at the Google Campus in Madrid during the yearly xSpain conference. I talked about one of my favourite subjects to talk about for startups. Getting validation. Is the company you’re trying to build, really solving a problem. And if there is a problem to be solved, are you trying to solve it for the right people? And is it the right solution for them?

If you’re thinking about starting your own company, and want to learn how to get your validation done right, be sure to watch the talk.


Making the most out of your daily commute

Making The Most Out Of Your Daily Commute

Don’t you ever have the feeling that you could make more out of your daily commute? Sitting in the car, or public transport going to the office, having the feeling that you might be wasting your time?

I get it; sometimes you just want to relax right? But, those dead moments, however, are ideal for improving your knowledge.

I used to listen to just the radio in my car, or music albums from my iPod. I was missing out on this entire awesome world of podcasts.

Not anymore, though, in 2015, I decided to make the most of my commute and keep on improving myself. A bunch of my favourite podcasts are:

And this week, I’ve had the honours of being featured in one of my favourite podcasts again 🙂 Go check out the interview on the App Guy Podcast about marketing your startup.

Which podcasts am I missing out on do you think? Or which ones of the above do you like best? Let me know, which ones I should add to the list!

The power of Customer Development

Laura Moreno has started this great new podcast: “Where Expert Growth Hackers and Founders Share their Most Successful Hacks” also known as “The Growth Hacking Podcast“.

I had the honours to be interviewed and am now listed between rockstars like Neil Patel, Justin Winter, Casey Armstrong and others.

Be sure to check out the interview below and subscribe to her podcast for more interviews around Growth Hacking and startups!

Expert Interview on 24sessions: Hans van Gent about Startups

Hans van Gent on 24sessions

Last week I got a small interview with the amazing people behind 24sessions. I love the concept behind this Dutch Startup. For those of you whom never heard about 24sessions:

24Sessions is a marketplace that connects people that need advice with experts who can give advice over live video. 24sessions allows you to search and book the right expert to receive valuable and real-time advice. (and in that sense a competitor of in my opinion, but it is doing an amazing job).

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a top-level manager or just someone who wants to learn about a new topic, with 24Sessions you can find the right expert and hire him per minute via live video.

For experts around the world, 24Sessions is a platform to help businesses, earn money and build reputation in a fun and efficient way. We believe that experts in any field of business can benefit from our platform. Whether you’re an accountant, country expert, entrepreneur, marketer, personal coach or lawyer.

They asked me some questions around startups and about the best advice I’ve ever received in my life. The interview can be found on the 24sessions blog. And if you want some one-on-one time with me, you can schedule a meeting here.


Doing Customer Development (and stop wasting your time)

'Most startups fail due not to the failure of product development but due to the lack of customers’ - Steve Blank

Everybody can come up with the next BIG idea. The next big thing which is going to revolutionise the world! You see a problem and you think to yourself, that whatever it is you are going to build, will solve that problem for a lot of people. And is off course going to make you rich, filthy rich. The next Zuckerberg or Page, am I right?

You wake up one morning in this beautiful bubble and you start building straight away, as soon as your product or service is ready to be shared with the world all your customers will come flocking in and you are set for life!

In the end 9 out of 10 businesses fail, all because of one little world. Entrepreneurship is not risky….if you understand this word. However it is responsible for all of the risk in entrepreneurship.


OpenIdea: handing out free STD tests

Sometimes the best ideas are the craziest ones right? Some time ago I attended Evolv Weekend Antwerp as a participant. For people not known with the concept of Evolv yet, Evolv Weekend forms founders and ideas into problem solvers and pain killers. An action packed weekend in which the participants will learn a lot about changing an idea into an idea which has business potential, by giving them hands-on experience around customer development.

Evolv Weekend, teaching the participants
Evolv Weekend, teaching the participants

As stated in my previous (sorry in Dutch) blogpost we worked around a concept of doing STD tests at home, starting from the hypotheses that people might feel ashamed to go to a doctor in case needed. Starting to do customer development, running experiments is not easy for a lot of people. Stepping up on the street, in a shop or any other place where your ideal persona is located and starting to have a talk with a random stranger is a fear a lot of people have to overcome. Asking people about STD tests makes this a little bit harder since you enter their private space immediately.