Selection Sharer plugin update (now includes Facebook sharing)

After the release of the Selection Sharer plugin in 2014, I’ve had some request about adding Facebook sharing integration into the WordPress plugin. It seemed not really that easy because you can’t really share a selection of text. However last week AlienSKP from Canada came up with an rather ingenious idea. By changing the title of the page via javascript to the selected text you can still sort of “share” a selection of text and have it being highlighted on Facebook.

After some debugging and stressing at SVN (I really do prefer Git over SVN), the updated code is now up and running in the Selection Sharer WordPress plugin. So go ahead, head over to that update section in your WordPress and start updating!

Fixing Homebrew for OS X 10.10 Yosemite

OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Update: Homebrew was fixed while Yosemite was in beta. If you are running into problems after upgrading to Yosemite you can easily fix Homebrew by doing a git pull from /usr/local or do a brew update before updating your system to Yosemite. In other words it is no longer needed to make changes to your Homebrew install manually. Some great work by the Homebrew team!

Now that Apple opened up the beta program of their Desktop OS to everyone (not requiring a developer license anymore) a lot of people will be upgrading to OS X 10.10 already before the official release later on this year. I did it as well earlier this week, however I found out that one of my all time favourite “programs” was not working anymore on OS X 10.10. Homebrew, for those who don’t know it is “the missing package manager for OS X” and really saves a lot of time and trouble trying to install software on your mac system. It is like the ports collection from *BSD only for your Mac.


New free WordPress Plugin to help you drive traffic to your website

I’ve been preaching the whole inbound marketing theory already for some time now, both online and offline. Now it is time to not only start preaching it but giving something back to the community. Last week I released the first version of my first WordPress plugin. With Selection Sharer, any visitor on your website / blog can easily highlight any part of your content and share it immediately on Twitter of via email. Ultimately off course, the more your readers share, the more new traffic your site will get. And all of this in a familiar medium like styling.

Selection Sharer in action, on both desktop and mobile
Selection Sharer in action, on both desktop and mobile


automatiseer je website’s copyright datum

Nu het nieuwe jaar weer hier is, komt wat voor velen een handmatig proces is…het updaten van de datum in de copyright notice op je website. Op de een of andere manier zetten de meeste mensen dit jaartal er nog steeds met de hand in, waardoor het vergeten kan worden. Niet erg slim natuurlijk terwijl het zo makkelijk te automatiseren is. Hieronder een paar voorbeelden van de meest gebruikte programmeertalen om dit te automatiseren voor diegene die niet precies weten hoe dit uit te voeren:

PHP: <?php print date("Y"); ?>
C#: <%= DateTime.Now.Year.ToString() %>
VB: <%= DateTime.Now.Year.ToString %>
Python: print
Ruby: <%= %>
JavaScript: <script type="text/javascript"> document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); </script>

Natuurlijk zijn er nog meer programmeertaal voorbeelden te bedenken, mocht ik er eentje vergeten zijn die er absoluut tussen hoort volgens jou laat het dan achter in de comments en ik zal hem ook toevoegen! Het is overigens wel aan te raden dit server-side te doen, waardoor de javascript versie eigenlijk liever niet toegepast dient te worden.