Treasurehunting at the Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium

Last weekend I drove to Chatillon in the south part of Belgium close to the Luxembourg border. After having seen lots of beautiful pictures of the location myself on the internet I thought it was nice to investigate myself of how this magical forrest would look. It is said that the old-fashioned vehicles are to have been left in the wood near the village of Chatillon by U.S. soldiers who were stationed in southern Belgium during World War II. When the war ended, military troops were sent home, but could not afford to ship the cars they had bought and hid them in the forest. Since then, other cars have been added to the cemetery, many by soldiers stationed in the area after the war. If you have a look on Google Maps you actually still see a lot of these cars right there “hidden” in plain sight.

After arriving at the sight though it seems that we were just a little bit too late: DSC_0192 And next to still some bits and pieces: DSC_0198 There was thankfully still one car left: DSC_0188

DSC_0195 So the trip was not completely useless 😉 And it actually felt a bit like being a little boy again walking through nature trying to find this hidden treasure. For all other treasure hunters out there though it might be time to update your treasure maps though because this site is mostly gone.

  • Herman Maes

    Already 3-4 years ago everything was cleared on that site. 😉

    • Couldn’t you tell me before the hours driving there? 😉 Know any other good site?